Friday Funnies

Oh no, Our table, It’s broken!!

This dog was going down the stairs so fast! I hope it didn’t get hurt!!

This is the cutest dog!! Its so funny because it was mad at its own hiccups!

This is so funny because he was happy to get an avocado!!

This is the cutest and funniest video of babies!!

This video is hilarious! It is so funny! If you watch it you will laugh so hard like I did! Its so funny how the kids and animals reacts! If you want to watch this video watch the first 5 minuets!

My Dream Bedroom

Today I am going to tell all of you guys what I want my dream bedroom to look like! My favorite color is pink and white so i think my bedroom would look very cute together added all up.

  1. I want a hanging chair just because they are super cute. They are also so fun to do homework on. They also have cute colors they come in and I would get the cream one! They are so fun and cute.LINK FOR CHAIR

2. I would want to have floating shelves. I think floating shelves look so organized and make the room feel not so plain. LINK FOR SHELVES


3. Lastly I would want a light pink bed frame because light pink is my favorite color. I think it would look good with all of the other things as well. I love these two pictures of these bed frames!